Established  1934 - Closed  1994

Foxden Kennels was established in 1934 by James A. Farrell, Jr.
and Emilie Hill Farrell.  Mrs. Farrell survived her husband, and continued the
breeding & showing program, but the kennel was closed in 1994 after her death. 
It was her wish that the kennel name be retired,
and the American Kennel Club has since voted that no dog can be registered
with "FOXDEN" as part of its name. 
Any Smooth Fox Terrier registered after 1994 whose name
includes the Foxden prefix is not an authentic product of this kennel.  
Any individuals who attempt to register a Smooth Fox Terrier using
the name "Foxden" in any form are in violation of Mrs. Farrell's express
and longstanding intentions at the time of her death, and are
contravening American Kennel Club regulations.

This website has been created to document the history and influence Foxden
and the Farrell's had in the world of Fox Terriers.  We hope you
find your visit fruitfull and interesting.

Please Note:

This site will continually be under construction, as we have 60 years of information to input.
Please bear with us as we do our best to bring you information from the past,
along with photographs, pedigree's and
excerps from the Farrell's and the people they knew.

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